22 November 2011


Take time to realize,
That I was by your side all the time...
Didn't I...
didn't I tell you?

Back to the beginning.
No, there were no tears,
There was no sad.

That time,
When we were in our relationship.
You didn't even care about me,
Maybe it's like,
I was just the person you find when you were lonely.
Just began with "Baby."

I learned.
I learned how to love you,
How to be a perfect girlfriend,
Did you appreciate? Or...
did you ever know that?

I was being hurted in 4 days.
You broke your promises, you lied me,
in only 4 DAYS.

I'm not sad...
It just disappoints me.
For giving all my trust on you,
without knowing it might hurt me, one day.

You disappeared for a while...
and now you come back.
You come with hope, hoping that we would get back.
Hey, long time no see?

Dude, if you ask "Do you still love me?"
It would be "Maybe."
Because I still love you.
But life goes on,
and I'm going with it.

I'm done.

Loves, Ieyn Yazid